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two women looking at fruits and vegetables

How Much Vegetables And Fruits Do We Actually Need?

When it comes to health and nutrition, we have always been told by our parents or teachers that we should “eat a balance diet of vegetables, fruit and grain to reduce risk of diseases”. However, do we all know the correct portion size we actually need? What if an individual eat more than it is recommended? Don’t worry you are not the only one. Which is why we are here to breakdown the general portions for a teenager or an...

e-farm with sustainable and fresh healthy products

Malaysia Online Fresh Grocer: E-Farm

Source Before the pandemic, e-grocery was a niche sector. In the past, we would just stroll to the closest shop if we needed a carton of eggs. The market is seeing a dramatic change in consumer habits; loyalty and regularity rates have considerably increased, while average cart size has consistently risen. This is due to the major transition from offline to online, which will be here to stay. E-commerce is quickly expanding throughout Asia, notably in Southeast Asia. “In fact, 44%...