Pesticide-Free Vegetables: What you need to know

Pesticide-Free Vegetables: What you need to know

We always hear words such as “pesticide, pesticide-free, organic” thrown around when describing vegetables. However, what does it actually means with the growing of vegetables? Find out what these labels mean and uncover the truth of natural farming vegetables. Is it really that much better for you?

What does “pesticide-free” mean?

The term “pesticide-free” refers to vegetables or crops produced without any synthetic chemicals. It is therefore, not sprayed conventionally in comparison to “pesticide” vegetable where farmers purposely target insects, plants and fungi with harsh chemical fertilisers. These chemicals are made by humans and are designed to similarly mimic naturally found substances and applied to plant through spray, a seed treatment and so on.

Why should we support “pesticide-free”?

Most fertilisers and pesticides contains major harmful chemicals, even In today’s advanced agricultural industry. Agriculture professionals are alarmed about the growing usage of these chemicals.

This is due to the fact that farmers using these pesticides in agriculture can actually cause enormous and harmful impacts. Not only to humans but as well as animals, plants, and the ecosystem. What’s more, it is widely use by farmers as it helps decrease loss of yield due to pests and illnesses, thus boosting farmer’s revenue. Not to mention, these compounds have rapid and impartial effects, are relatively inexpensive and have a great ease of availability in the marketplace.

How is the situation In Malaysia?

Pesticide sales totaled RM719 million in 2017, representing a 16.3 % increase from the previous year. Malaysia’s Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry is making strides toward chemical-free and environmentally friendly agriculture. Farmers play an integral role in agricultural production systems through using chemical-free crop protection measures or pest management.

Which is why E-Farm believes that the aim is to innovate the agriculture industry by using modern technology to serve our community. By providing “Fresh, Organic and Pesticide-Free” vegetables right in the heart of the city without using any chemicals.

Check out our vegetables now and shop for some natural, healthy and yummy produce!

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