Malaysia Online Fresh Grocer: E-Farm

e-farm with sustainable and fresh healthy products

Malaysia Online Fresh Grocer: E-Farm


Before the pandemic, e-grocery was a niche sector. In the past, we would just stroll to the closest shop if we needed a carton of eggs. The market is seeing a dramatic change in consumer habits; loyalty and regularity rates have considerably increased, while average cart size has consistently risen.

This is due to the major transition from offline to online, which will be here to stay. E-commerce is quickly expanding throughout Asia, notably in Southeast Asia.In fact, 44% are trying new online stores this year. While a majority shopped online for electronics, clothing and apparel, and cosmetics pre-Covid-19, the shopping category that saw a marked increase is grocery.

This trend can be linked to younger populations in metropolitan areas with higher earnings and spending. As a result, have fuelled this wide adoption of online grocery shopping over the last year. The prolonged lockdowns have also substantially increased the general popularity of online grocery services.

Euromonitor International shows that the value of Malaysian grocery retailers was estimated at RM71.08 billion in 2020 and is projected to jump 30% to RM91.79 billion in 2025. It is expected to expand to RM74.74 billion this year.

Variety of products E-Farm produce

variety of organic and fresh vegetables

E-Farm does not just focus on one or several types of vegetables but we grow multiple types of vegetables that fits into the local customer’s needs. We have a selection of over 90 different types of fresh and nutritious vegetables and fruits.

No matter what you’re planning on cooking or looking to try, E-farm would have them. From a variety of leafy greens such as Okinawa spinach, Dino kale and, romaine lettuce to hardy vegetables. These include potato, beetroot, mushroom and, white radish, we have it all!

Not to mention, E-farms partners up with other local farms to bring you other locally grown products. These are such as poultry to juicy fruits. This enables transparency of where you’re getting these products used in your meals while helping to support Malaysian farmers.

Here at E-farm, customers’ health is very important as our mission is to grow fresh organic vegetables for all our customers. Hence, we do not support pesticide-grown produce. Instead, we focus on creating healthy lives by being 100% organic with no artificial fertiliser in our growth process.

By creating a food source we can trust, we want to bring the fun of farming through urban farming. Read up on our article for more about our sustainable and chemical-free farming method in detail and understand the journey of a better life.

Inside the quality of E-farm products and service

We desire our consumers to access all of their organic produce in the freshest possible condition and at the fastest possible timeframe. This is why E-farm offers a same-day or next-day delivery, it provides an easy e – grocery journey to our customers by accessing our mobile app. The app also supports all types of current digital payment options, such as credit and debit card transactions. No more unnecessary contact to keep your family and you safe during these times.

online grocer and delivery with healthy vegetables and fruits

E-Farm also provides customers with a monthly subscription service. They can choose to get a certain kilogram of fresh and organic vegetables either 6kg or 4kg. This is a fraction of the price in other grocers every month. Thus, this would suit their dietary or household needs while cutting down the costs.

What’s more, we package these delicious vegetables in environmentally friendly cardboard boxes. These boxes aid in keeping the freshness right to your doorstep! We make sure it is not only functional but you can re-use these boxes.

Moreover, E-farm’s products are all grown sustainably too. This means choosing farming methods that do not use artificial pesticides but replacing them with ‘Aquaponics” method, creating an urban farming. 

E-farm values contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Specifically, on SDG 2 (zero hunger), SDG 3 (ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages), and SDG 12 (responsible consumption and production).

We grow, harvest, package, and, deliver the freshest. We do it all.

Book a visit to our amazing farm and uncover the urban farming world yourselves now!

Or check out our video for a virtual tour in the comfort of your home.

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