Impressive Benefits of Lettuce And Why You Should Try It!

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Impressive Benefits of Lettuce And Why You Should Try It!

The crispness of all these leaves completes your side salad, and they add a bite to your wraps, hamburgers, sandwiches, and toast! They are essential when it comes to salads, wraps, and buns. Aside from their vibrant colour, lettuce leaves have numerous health advantages.

A study found that the health benefits of lettuce include high in nutrients but “low in calories, fat and sodium. It is a good source of fiber, iron, folate, and vitamin C”. What’s more, lettuce helps maintain adequate hydration in your health but they are also packing with powerful antioxidants that protect your body from damage caused by unstable molecules called free radicals. Lettuce also helps you boost your eyesight, fight inflammation, and may help lower blood pressure.

Let us discover the different types of lettuce that are available in E-Farm and how we can add them to your diet!

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1. Green and Red Butterhead

Butterhead lettuce is named because of its distinctively soft, buttery leaves. Due to its spherical form, it is also referred to as cabbage lettuce. Bibb and Boston lettuce are the most popular varieties of butterhead lettuce. The leaves have a curly shape and imitates flower petals. While red variations exist, butterhead lettuce is typically deep green. Butterhead lettuce gives foods a gentle, sweet flavour.

How to prepare it?

It pairs well with most dressings and can enhance the flavour and texture of your salad. Furthermore, it works well in egg-salad or tuna sandwiches and serves as a great tortilla replacement for wraps.

2. Green and Red Oak

There are several various varieties of lettuce that could be used in salads, sandwiches, or as a side dish. Red oak leaf lettuce is a notable lettuce type. It has a crunchy texture and a slightly sweet and nutty flavour. The leaves have a coiled and ruffled appearance at the edges, comparable to green oak lettuce. The distinction is that the top of the leaves are dark red, while the bottom from the stem blends into greenish streaks. 

How to prepare it?

It complements most dressings and can improve the taste and texture of your salad. It also works brilliantly in egg salad or tuna sandwiches and as a tortilla substitute for wraps.

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3. Green and Red coral

The Lollo Bionda (pale green) and Lollo Rosso (red) are named for sorts of gourmet lettuce with tight curling leaves, sometimes it could be considered bitter than regular endive. The bright internal heart tastes especially good in any salads!

  • Olite Gem Lettuce

The Gem lettuce is another specialty lettuce that has its distinct shiny leaves which are similar to Romaine lettuce. Their thick and large leaves have the perfect texture for creating dishes such as a juicy hamburger to add a crunch! Due to its sweet flavour and little to no bitter taste, most people enjoy adding them into their daily meals.

  • Tendita Snack Lettuce

The Tendita is a newbie to the lettuce sector, with consistent and upright baby crunchy cos leaves appropriate for production in colder locations from spring to autumn, and from autumn to spring in warmer places. Their little leaves are full of sweet flavour, crisp texture, and long shelf-life. They are suitable for snacking lettuce tapas-style finger food, and pre-packaged salad bags.

Now that we know all about the flavour profiles and the different facts of each variety, add them to your diet now. Click on E-Farm’s website and add your favourite lettuce to your cart now!

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