Farm to table: A growing movement for organic and healthy vegetables

fresh vegetable on the table

Farm to table: A growing movement for organic and healthy vegetables

What exactly does it mean?

Farm-to-table is a social movement that mean acquiring vegetables by direct purchasing from the farmer. This is different from the conventional way of purchasing produce as most restaurants or consumer like you and I source their ingredients from the supermarket.

woman cutting fresh produce from farm-to-table

These vegetables are sourced from various regions of the country or the even the globe. Thus, they must be transported from a significant distances and are frequently selected beforehand. Usually, before they become ripened to extend their lifespan, or they will be stored in a freezer to reduce the risk of contamination. All of this leads to blander, less nutritious food. Farm-to-table, on the other hand, meant that restaurants or consumer obtain their produce from their local farmers, so it is selected at optimum freshness and is rich with tastes and vitamins.

Why you should start a farm-to-table choice?

The purpose is to increase recognising where your ingredients come from and purchasing from your organic farm is assuring that the ingredients you buy are safe (free of pesticides, artificial chemicals, or hormones), fresh and nutritious.

This is exactly what E-farm strives for as we always make sure that the vegetables that we produce are 100% Organic and pesticide-free with no artificial fertilizer usage at all for our organic products. Most importantly, we are locally grown right at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at affordable prices. Our diverse and fresh fruits and vegetables such as the Siew Bak Choy, Choy Sam, lettuce, and spinach have their own unique taste. These are only a few of the vegetables we grow, discover more categories by going through our website.

You don’t have to check the label or wonder where your vegetables are from when you purchase from E-farm, you can visit our farm and experience the new age of sustainable farming. Or even with just a click of a button on our app, we will deliver it right in front of your doorstep! Apply farm-to-table in your life now to create the best dishes and get your nutritious vegetables from E-farm who cares for your health.

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